24 January 2021

How To Set-up Your Globe At Home LTE-Advanced For The First Time

Setting up your Globe At Home LTE-Advanced for the first time is easy!

You just need to open your browser and go to which is written at the back of your modem where you can also find the username and password.

Sometimes you'll be prompted by a warning. Just click on advanced, and the click proceed at the bottom.

This will now lead you the the modem overview page where you can see information such as your signal type, and here we can see that it's LTE+.

Here you can also see the antenna status which is currently internal. The device has 2 external antenna ports but since the modem doesn't currently have admin access, you cannot set the antenna to external and the default is the internal antenna.

So to log-in just click the log-in button at the top right hand corner of your screen and enter the details at the back of your modem.

Just click next, click agree. then you'll proceed to setting up your wifi name and password. Here you have the option of band steering where in when active, you'll only have one SSID or Wi-Fi name, and connection will automatically switch from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz depending on the signal strength with preference to the 5Ghz band. If band steering is not active, you'll have 2 SSIDs and have to transfer from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz if needed.

Next would be setting your password for the device log-in.

And your done! you can now access the device control panel. on the home page you can see the signal strength and connection status.

On the wifi-basic setting is where you can toggle band steering and is where you can change the wifi name or ssid of your device and your password to connect to the wifi.

On the devices tab you can see the devices that are currently connected. Here you can check if there are devices that you dont recognize.

On the tools tab, you can check SMS messages sent to your modem such as the code to activate your Globe At Home app account. here you also have parental controls where you can manage website access and time limits for devices.

On the advanced settings, you'll have different settings on your wifi such as number of devices that can connect, some advanced router and security settings which for a regular user doesn't really matter as much. on the device information screen you can see details of your modem such as your number and even the cell id of the tower you're connected to. Hopefully the experts can figure out admin access soon so that we can do band locking and setting up external antennas.

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