25 March 2021

Converge 99 Pesos Speed Boost

Since last year, Converge has been offering a 99 peso upgrade for Plan 1500 subscribers increasing speed from 25mbps to 35mbps. Before the year ended, Converge further bumped up the speed to 45mbps for the additional Php99. I figured that for an additional Php1,200 a year, it's worth a try and in this video I'll share my experience with the Converge FiberX 1500 Xtra Plan.

Upgrading was very easy, with simple easy to navigate steps on their website.

Even before I upgraded, I already saw a lot of customers having mixed experiences with upgrading. Some were disconnected for more than 24 hours while some didn't have issues at all. This is why I was not surprised to receive Converge's advise not to turn off the modem during upgrade.

And lo and behold by 2pm the following day, we lost connection. As back-up, I used my Globe CAT7 modem with the GOMO sim and it helped me monitor updates from other customers on the Converge facebook group with some suggesting to reset or restart the modem.

While the message clearly said that I should not turn off the modem, it also said not to do it while they were doing the upgrade. I already received a message that they're done with the upgrade but still our internet is still down. I felt like a restart is worth the risk and so I did. Thankfully our internet was restored and surprisingly the speeds were beyond the 45mbos published. Still, some users weren't as lucky as some even had to pay additional charges for resetting their modems.

There were times when I still experience slow internet with Converge, sometimes as low as 2mbps but most of the time, speed is always beyond the promised 45mbps.

So would I recommend the upgrade? It depends on your needs. Last December, Converge automatically upgraded all 25mbps speeds to 35mbps so if you're already happy with that speed then there's really no need for you to upgrade. Maybe if there's a lot of people sharing the internet and you're starting to feel your connection slowing down then maybe this upgrade can give you the boost you need.

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