11 April 2021

POCO F3 In-depth Review From A Casual User

After 5 days with the POCO F3, I can now say that it's indeed a Beast and can be considered as a flagship killer. Of course at its price point there are some sacrifices made but still the POCO F3 will give you the best value for your money.

10 April 2021

Unboxing the Beast! The New POCO F3!

In the middle of March 2021, POCO started teasing a new phone and eventually labeling it The Real Beast. Teasers were made on different platforms such as Facebook, Shopee, and Lazada and on March 22 they released the beast, the Poco F3. Leaks revealed that the Poco F3 is a rebranded Xiaomi Redmi K40 which was released barely a month before. With an early bird price of Php15,990 for the 128GB model, the deal was hard to resist so in this video we'll unbox the Poco F3 and find out if it truly deserves the title of being a flagship killer.

Stream Movies and TV Shows Online For FREE!

With quarantine still in place and vaccines still on limited supply, we are still stuck in our homes for months to come. And one way to entertain ourselves during this time is by watching movies and tv shows. One of the most popular streaming app is Netflix and I actually subscribed to the premium plan at Php549 per month. Though it may seem expensive, you can share with family and friends and that monthly fee becomes less per person. These days some people are even selling premium accounts for as low as Php50! But browsing through Google Play store I stumbled on 3 streaming apps that offers a huge collection of movies and tv shows some not even on netfix but most importantly these apps are FREE.