30 June 2021

Realme 8 5G - Unboxing and First Impressions

The Philippines number 1 Smartphone brand, Realme, has entered the affordable 5G scene with the latest addition to the Realme 8 series, the Realme 8 5G. While not the first and definitely not the cheapest, the Realme 8 5G has features that might convince you to be future proof with this phone.

22 June 2021

POCO M3 Pro - Cheapest 5G Phone! [Full Review]

The POCO M3 Pro 5g is the cheapest 5G smartphone right now in the Philippines and with POCO's promise of more speed, more everything, let's review if there really is more to this phone than just 5G.

21 June 2021

POCO F3 Screen Dimming and Touch Issues [MIUI 12.5 Update]

Two of the most talked about issues of the POCO F3 are the touch issues and the screen dimming during heavy gameplay and users were hopeful that a software update would resolve these issues. I recently updated to MIUI 12.5 and I'm happy to report that both are resolved. 

Hybrid MIMO Antenna for your Globe At Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFi [Speedest]

The Globe At Home LTE Advanced Prepaid Wifi has been available for months but there's still no admin access which would have been helpful to change bands or install antennas to hopefully improve your internet speeds. I even saw a tutorial on setting the antenna to external but it would always fail to save and would only work on the postpaid version of the modem. 

Based on the comments on my previous videos it seems like outdoor antennas are automatically detected by the Globe At Home LTE Advanced Prepaid Wifi and we will try a Hybrid MIMO Antenna that I got from Shopee. 

13 June 2021

POCO M3 Pro 5G [Unboxing and First Impressions]

If you think that 5G phones are expensive then the POCO M3 Pro 5G will definitely change your mind! Selling for an early bird price of just above Php7,000 this phone can give you blazing 5G speeds and more so in this video we will unbox the POCO M3 Pro 5G and see if there really is more to this phone than just 5G.

08 June 2021

POCO F3 Hits and Misses [2 Months After]

After a month of using the POCO F3 I would say that the phone I'm very much satisfied with the phone but of course it's not perfect and there are a couple of things that I would've wished the phone has but still the POCO F3 can give you a flagship experience without spending too much. So in this video I'll share with you what I believe are the hits and misses of the POCO F3.

06 June 2021

How To Activate 5G In The Philippines For Samsung Snapdragon Phones Bought Overseas

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G online and during the first few days of using it, I didn't get any 5G signal. I thought that the 5G signal in our area was just weak but then I went to our office in Makati and still didn't get any 5G signal. I inserted the same simcard on my POCO F3 and it had no problem getting 5G. Initially I thought that I got a defective phone but with a little bit of research, I finally got 5G working on my phone and in this video I'll guide you step by step on how to activate 5G for Samsung Snapdragon phones bought outside the Philippines.

03 June 2021

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for less than Php19K! Unboxing and First Impressions

With product launches from different phone manufacturers almost every month, it's hard to pick the best phone that would satisfy your needs as well as your budget. I recently bought the POCO F3 and while I'm really happy with this phone, it's still not perfect and there were things that I wished it had as shown in my earlier video. Realme and Oppo recently released their mid-rangers but the phones would either be lacking 5G or have an inferior chipset. Samsung on the other hand have 5G offerings but most are always above Php20,000. That is until I discovered a 128Gb variant of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G selling for just over Php18,000 so let's unbox the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and check out its features.