06 June 2021

How To Activate 5G In The Philippines For Samsung Snapdragon Phones Bought Overseas

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G online and during the first few days of using it, I didn't get any 5G signal. I thought that the 5G signal in our area was just weak but then I went to our office in Makati and still didn't get any 5G signal. I inserted the same simcard on my POCO F3 and it had no problem getting 5G. Initially I thought that I got a defective phone but with a little bit of research, I finally got 5G working on my phone and in this video I'll guide you step by step on how to activate 5G for Samsung Snapdragon phones bought outside the Philippines.

Thanks to the contributors on XDA, I was able to figure out how to activate 5G on my Samsung A52 5G. The thread was intended for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G with a Snapdragon chip and would either have a China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong Rom. The contributors has the same problem as me and upon checking the details of my phone, I have a Taiwan ROM, based on the "BRI" found on the Service Provider Software Version. You would find TGY for Hong Kong and then CHC for China software. For some reason, 5G is blocked on these softwares if used outside of their intended location. 

To activate 5G, first step is to download Google's Phone Dialer since the codes won't work on Samsung's native dialer.

Once installed dial this number:


The service mode screen would come up and would show only show 1 option, the RF TEST. To show the other options, what you do is press the RF TEST and then pres [2] PRES MODE SET then click the three buttons on top right hand corner, then click Back.

This would now bring you back to the first screen but will now show other options aside from the RF TEST.

Nest step is to select UE SETTING & INFO, then SETTING, PROTOCOL, NR5G, then NR5G PRUNE STATUS, and then REMOVE NR5G PRUNE.

This should now activate the 5G bands of the phone.

Next step now is to activate 5G by removing the 5G network whitelisting. So we go back to the main service mode menu, choose UE SETTING & INFO, then SETTING, PROTOCOL, GCF, then REMOVE ONLY NR WHITELISTING.

And that's it. You should now have 5G connections as long as 5G is available in your location.

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