21 June 2021

Hybrid MIMO Antenna for your Globe At Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFi [Speedest]

The Globe At Home LTE Advanced Prepaid Wifi has been available for months but there's still no admin access which would have been helpful to change bands or install antennas to hopefully improve your internet speeds. I even saw a tutorial on setting the antenna to external but it would always fail to save and would only work on the postpaid version of the modem. 

Based on the comments on my previous videos it seems like outdoor antennas are automatically detected by the Globe At Home LTE Advanced Prepaid Wifi and we will try a Hybrid MIMO Antenna that I got from Shopee. 

Plugging in the MIMO antenna at the 2 SMA ports of the modem, the log-in page of the Globe At Home LTE Advanced modem would show the antenna status quickly change from internal to external. You would also see that the signal strength indicator on the modem become full bars. 

Now that we know that the Hybrid MIMO antenna is detected, let's now look if it would help boost my internet speed. But first, just a disclaimer, I'm not an expert on antennas but what I suggest is you bring your phone when installing the antenna to see which direction is best to position the antenna. Here's a table of what constitute a good signal: Moving the antenna to face different directions would result in varying signal strengths and the modem would connect to different cell towers depending on your location. 

Compared to using the internal antenna, my download speed improved significantly from 1Mbps to 15mbps with the same cell tower. Connecting to other towers by moving the hybrid antenna also improved my speed so it would be best to do a 360 degree test to check which direction the antenna should face to get the fastest speed as the best signal might now always be the fastest due to network congestion. 

So that concludes our test of the hybrid MIMO antenna on your Globe At Home LTE Advanced Prepaid Wifi. Of course this would also work with the postpaid version of the B535 modem plus you would also have the option to select bands that's best in your area but please do take note that this antenna would not work well on Band 28. 

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