08 June 2021

POCO F3 Hits and Misses [2 Months After]

After a month of using the POCO F3 I would say that the phone I'm very much satisfied with the phone but of course it's not perfect and there are a couple of things that I would've wished the phone has but still the POCO F3 can give you a flagship experience without spending too much. So in this video I'll share with you what I believe are the hits and misses of the POCO F3.

Let's begin with the things I dont like with my POCO F3 starting with:

5. Missing slots
I would have preferred a 3.5mm jack port on the POCO F3 but that's workable with the jack to USB type C adaptor that comes with the box or just use a bluetooth headset. But what's critical is the choice between 128 or 256 Gb because the POCO F3 doesnt have a microSD slot compared to other phones with either a dedicated microSD slot or at least a hybrid sim card microsd slot.

4. Fingerprint scanner
With an Amoled display I was expecting an under display fingerprint scanner but the POCO F3 has a side fingerprint scanner, embedded on the power button. This maybe a non-issue to some but coming from the much cheaper Redmi 10x 5G which has an under displqy fingerprint scanner, It took me a while to get used to the new scanner location. What annoys me most with the side fingerprint scanner is the accidental scans. When the screen is off, you'll be surprised to feel a vibration and see the screen light up because you accidentaly touched the power button.

I am a fan of MIUI integrating what I like with android and iOS. It's my first experience with the POCO MIUI and all I can say is I'm not a fan of this version. Aside from the better experience I had with my Redmi 10x 5G, the POCO MIUI has advertisments on it. Initially I didn't notice the ads and you can actually disable some recommended apps that pop up on folders. You'll see these ads everytime you install an app or everytime you optimize your device using the Security app. Not that its a deal breaker you'll kinda wish that it wasnt there to begin with.

2. Screen dimming
The POCO F3 can handle heavy games easily but one thing that bothers its users is the sudden dimming of the screen when playing games. Despite turning off automatic brightness and putting brightness at max, somehow the screen still dims which I did not experience with the Dimensity powered Redmi 10x 5G.

1. Touch issues
One of the main issues raised by POCO F3 users is touch delay. I initially didn't notice this since the delay is experienced when you move your finger ever so slightly. For casual use this wont be an issue but for gamers who want an accurate movements this can be bothersome. What did bother me is the scrolling issue wherein the screen doesn't seem to respond when scrolling. I experienced this when scrolling slowly but not always which makes me think that this is a software issue rather than a hardware issue.

So these are the 5 misses for me personally and for those curious if the POCO F3's camera is a hit or miss, I'd say it's just right for the price. It takes good pictures but dont expect flagship quality.

Now let's move on with what I really liked with the POCO F3 starting with:

5. Display
Out of the box, the POCO F3's E4 Amoled display is set to 60hz refresh rate. Change it to 120hz and you might not go back to 60hz phones again.

4. Fast charging
The battery on the POCO F3 is 4520mah which can last you the whole day if not more for casual use. For heavy users, the 33W charger included in the box can charge the phone from 0 to 100 percent in less than an hour.

3. Performance
Another great thing about the POCO F3 is its Snapdragon 870 chipset, one of the fastest chipsets on the market today. Handling easily your daily tasks, the Snapdragon 870 is also a great gaming phone. Heavy games such as Genshin Impact can be played on maximum settings with no lag or stutter.

2. Connectivity
With the Snapdragon 870 chipset, the POCO F3 is capable of connecting to 5G networks. With the expanding coverage of 5G both by Globe and Smart plus the recently launched DITO telecommunications, it's best to have a 5g phone to enjoy blazing internet speeds rather than get stucked with 4g.

1. Price
The best thing about the POCO F3 is it's price. At around Php18,000 for the 128Gb version and Php21,000 for the 256Gb version, you get a flagship experience for half the price. And from time to time POCO would offer flash sales of the F3 and you can get it for Php2,000 less. And if you timed it right, you can even apply a few more vouchers in Lazada as I got mine for just above Php14,000.

With this price you tend to forget all what's missing in this phone. It somehow negates the very few issues you might have with the POCO F3. Start browsing for competitors at this price range and you wont see anything that comes close. Most competitors either have LCD displays, or lacks 5G connectivity, or has a chipset that cannot keep up with the snapdragon 870. For such features you really have to pay more but not with the POCO F3.

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