21 June 2021

POCO F3 Screen Dimming and Touch Issues [MIUI 12.5 Update]

Two of the most talked about issues of the POCO F3 are the touch issues and the screen dimming during heavy gameplay and users were hopeful that a software update would resolve these issues. I recently updated to MIUI 12.5 and I'm happy to report that both are resolved. 

I played Genshin Impact for more than 30 mins and never experience any screen dimming. This may also be because the highest temperature I recorded was 42.7 degrees celcius compared to the 45.8 degrees celcius I recorded before the update.

As for the touch issues, I've updated last June 12 and have yet to experience the same touch issues before the update.


sohcahtoa said...

Hello po, ano pong remaining issues ngayon nga Poco F3 na hindi pa nareresolve? Planning to buy this tomorrow.

Ron Go said...

Sorry @sohcahtoa, didn't see this comment. With some 12.5 updates there were some bugs but resolved with the most recent update. They're quite fast to fix any issue with the F3.

Unknown said...

Hi. Got 12.5.6 miui already but my screen is still dim. Any tips?

Ron Go said...

Usually happens when the phone gets hot. You can try using a phone gaming cooler and see if the issue persists.